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The Ray-Ban Guide to Finding the Perfect Frames for Your Face

We've teamed up with Ray-Ban to figure out which of their new glasses work best for your face - invaluable advice from those who know it best.

Sunglasses have this magically innate ability to add some fun to your face and inject a little style to your whole look instantly. Sometimes you throw on some sunglasses and voila suddenly you feel like Hollywood royalty. Oh no, paparazzi, not today. Other times the minute you pop on a pair of eyeglasses, lo and behold, your intelligence level is upped by like one hundred percent. Only appearance-wise of course; you just look significantly smarter, doesn’t mean you’re the new Einstein – don’t get any ideas.

When you’re deciding on the perfect pair, first of all, it goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway; Ray-Ban. The leading sunglass brand has been keeping the world’s coolest citizens stylishly shaded for years and they’re the go-to brand when you want your glasses game to be on point. And now they’ve revamped some of their iconic eyewear, taking some of their most famous frames and giving them a little makeover, as part of their #CampaignForChange. But in addition to that, one of the most important things to take into consideration when you’re selecting your specs is your face shape. Just like pairing the perfect vintage bottle of wine with the right medium rare steak, glasses too need to find their facial soulmate. But not to worry, we are here to make sure you get the perfect pair.

Round Face

BABYFACE! The people with this face shape will always look eternally young, lucky them. But round faces also happen to be the perfect showcase for frames that are the total opposite – angular. Wide, angular frames like Carbon Fiber are great for round faces.

Oval Face

With ovals, the trick is to not get frames that are either too big or too small. Ovals are lucky enough to have the whole balanced face thing going on for them so they need frames that maintain that balance and don’t throw it off; the Transparent Wayfarers are the way to go for ovals.

Square Face

These people’s faces are all angles and edges so they should go for softer shapes when it comes to frames, like ovals or round shapes to contrast with that. Opal Erika are your guys.

Heart Shaped Face

Aviators balance out the pointy chins heart shaped faces have. But let’s be honest, aviators look good on everyone.

So while Ray Ban have changed some of their most famous glasses and they’ve also got their #CampaignForChange going on, which could send you on a trip to New York… Find out how you could nab that fab flight here.