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The Rising Egyptian Designer that's Taking Dubai by Storm

Creator of Maison SG, Sara Gabr, has been making waves in her homeland for years, and with her Haute Couture collection, Gabr just totally slayed her very first Dubai competition.

“Dream big, work hard, push yourself out of the box, cry, have nervous breakdowns, but never let go of your dream,” are words that young Egyptian fashion designer and owner of Maison SG, Sara Gabr lives by.

After dreaming of dressing and styling the royals of Saudi Arabia (and the world) from the age of 15, Gabr has just showcased her delicate Haute Couture collection at The Bride Show in Dubai for the first time ever this March. The only Egyptian designer participating in the show, Gabr revealed stunning fuchsia soiree dresses, some embroidered with delicate lace, or peplums patterned in vintage floral, as well as plain white minimalist wedding dresses.

Despite having studied architectural engineering in college, Gabr always had a knack for all things fashion related. After graduating, her passion for design eventually took the wheel and led her to the famed fashion schools of Milan where she continued her fashion studies. From here, her brand Maison SG was born; a luxurious fashion brand that caters to the comfort and creativity needs of their clients.

For three years, Gabr has been adamantly working on Masion SG to become recognised as a high profile and prestigious brand centred on creativity and elegance. Her previous success in the Gulf inspired her to continue building her empire until she managed to participate in Dubai’s leading bridal fashion show, exhibiting her masterpieces. “Working with models and stylists with big names in the fashion field was very intimidating, but exciting, it helped [me] learn a lot in terms of the experience of having a fashion show,” the designer tells us of her experience. 


What truly differentiates Gabr’s Haute Couture is that it’s actually wearable; a sartorial characteristic that is often lacking on runways. As designers consistently aim to go higher, bigger, stranger in their quest to create art when it comes to haute couture collections, what often occurs in the process is that they create pieces fit for viewing - not wearing. But Gabr creates dresses that are stunning in their simplicity; dresses with artistic accents that set them apart without making them look like costumes. And at the core of that is her eagerness to ensure her brand reflect the identity of her clients.

”Clients are family," she says simply. "Clients are the outline of the identity you want to be.” 

Check out Maison SG's Facebook and Instagram for more. 

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