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The Trend: Flower Power

Who said florals were over? Nardeen Mamdouh takes us through her botanical inspiration for the super-cute fashion label.

We have been firmly immersed in a floral fantasy for like, well, since we can remember. There is never a bad time for all things flower, OKAY? They are the everlasting trend. Which is exactly why Nardeen Mamdouh called her flower power brand The Trend.

“I started it last summer and at the time, floral headbands were a huge trend – and they still are!” Mamdouh tells us. “So that’s essentially where I got the name but the thing is, I think even if headbands at some point stop being a trend, flowers in general will always remain trendy and in fashion. So we’ll adapt; bracelets, anklets, hairbands…” Right now, a quick skim through the brand’s images will make you want to channel your inner bohemian princess and frolic around fields with like, a lamb or something. From simple headbands featuring mini daises to all out flower crowns adorned with oversized roses, it’s like stepping into an accessory version of a botanical garden.

An applied arts student, Mamdouh always had a knack for crafts. “My mum makes weddings invites so I was always inspired by that, and I’d always enjoyed creating handmade things.” Eventually her passion turned into a full-fledged brand based entirely on capturing nature in wearable form.

You can purchase the pretty pieces online, at Taj Concept Store, or this summer over The Lemon Tree Boutique in Sahel. Also, here is a baby in a flower crowd. Try not to die of cuteness.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @thetrend_n.