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The Yarn Barn: Crochet For Dummies

Two Egyptian girls are crocheting their way to success with a unique business venture that blends fashion, crafts, and community.

Instead of sitting with your grandma and having to listen to her stories about the good old days while she so delicately knits you that scarf you’ve been waiting on, how about you try The Yarn Barn? What is it, you ask? One word: crochet! But, wait; don’t run away! It’s not a typical crochet brand, we promise. What we love about this brand is how the aesthetic is very cute and fuzzy, and who wouldn’t want minion house slippers? With this new brand, you won’t look like a fat penguin with all the layers and you’ll be warm. Well, you’ll still look like a penguin, but a very very cute penguin.This soon-to-be launched startup is originally founded by three aspiring architects: Aya Ahmed, Passant Kamel, and Heba El Komy. “It started out as a hobby for all of us, so we started buying different kinds of wool and tools – we decided to be a tad more creative,” Ahmed told us. Although it started out as a side thing, “we gave it most of our time and effort; we even knitted while going out,” she reveals. Dedication at its finest, wouldn’t you agree?Their main aim is to create contemporary crochet and promote the idea that it’s an enjoyable way to fill your time. “In addition to selling a few products, we want to teach teens how to create these beautiful pieces of crafts and show them how to be creative with them,” Ahmed explains. The Yarn Barn is going to give courses to stress this paradigm that crochet and knitting are not for old-fashioned people by providing their ‘students’ with unconventional yarn. The course is a series of five sessions that'll teach you about all the different types of stitches. In addition, they import yarn and other tools from abroad that are otherwise not found here. For now, you can order online, but soon they’ll have they’re own physical space for you to visit.

You can check their Instagram page here and Facebook page here for more information.