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These Sassy Sneakers Are Made in Egypt

For working ladies who want to keep their soles intact without sacrificing style, local brand Ceto has just the shoe for you.

Making comfort the name of the game for Cairene working ladies, local brand Ceto designs wearable brilliance for women on the go. Merging the worlds of practicality and style, Ceto’s sneaker designs adds that extra sparkle to your outdoor routine.

Founded by Ahmed Emad, the up and coming brand creates whimsical designs that don’t skip out on colour. Gold snakeskin, reflective electric blues, and rose golds are just some of their more daring statements.

Inspired by his wife’s work in fashion, Emad embarked on a side-hustle journey to explore his creative side, in parallel with his day job as a sales manager. “I’ve always had an interest in fashion, but never had the chance or know-how to do it," Emad told #CairoScene. "With the support of my wife, I decided to take some design courses and finally enter the local fashion market.”

Mainly focusing in on women’s sneakers, Emad has plans for Ceto to expand their product line into sandals, bags, among other women’s accessories. “ We’re trying to cater to every kind of woman’s needs by designing practical, comfy sneakers on the go. Whether you work all day long or are running around after your kids, every woman needs a pair of shoes she can rely on to get her through the day.” Emad says.