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These Vintage Pieces Prove that Mama's Jacket Knows Best

Mama's Jacket brings back vintage '70s designs tailor made for the women of today.

New fashion label ‘Mama’s Jackets’ deals in the slick stylings of the Baby Boom generation, featuring vintage jackets that are dressy, comfy and confident enough for the young women of today. Designer Menna Khalil grew enamoured with the concept when she found an old jacket that belonged to her mother, 15 years after she passed. Wearing it regularly, Khalil developed a taste for that unique 1970s style, which brought to mind shiny pearl necklaces and the smell of strong, feminine eau de toilette.

“I wanted to continue her legacy through this line,” Khalil tells #CairoScene. “I take after her, since I also have an obsession with jackets. It's my favourite garment, so it made sense for me to do this.”

Khalil’s designs are stylish without sacrificing practicality, resulting in multi-use jackets that work over a simple white tee, a smart dress skirt, or even as a matching set. In fact, Khalil has already started creating pants, shirts, dresses, and skirts to pair with her jackets. She one day hopes to sell shoes and bags, but for now, you can check out her collection on Instagram via @mamasjacket.