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The Egyptian Scarf Brand Reviving Modest Chic

Jude is here to change the rules of Hijabi fashion.

Jude Eg Headscarves

Fashion is how we choose to express who we are, it's what makes us stand out, what allows us to share our personalities - and at times, our beliefs even - with the world. Now, while that might sound cliche, cliches are cliches for a reason; they are rooted in truth.

The options when it comes to modest fashion are limited, forcing Hijabis, who make up a big portion of the country's population, to settle for ordinary . And it's that lack of good, chic options that pushed three veiled designers, Yasmine Abielkhair, Sarah Saadany and Yara Rashad, to take matters into their own hands by pooling their creativity and reviving modest fashion. Jude is the scarf brand making sure every veiled girl looks fabulous.  The online account, which was founded a few months ago, offers women a selection of cute, unique and elegant head-scarves inspired by the founders artistic background. Now, whether we choose to wear them on our heads or around our necks, they work perfectly either way.“A woman's face is the first thing you notice, especially when she's veiled. And we've had a lot of trouble in the past with trying to find suitable clothing and scarves that stand out while also looking elegant," says Abielkhair.Having suffered themselves at the hands a of limited fashion scene for veiled women, in that many of the headscarves are either plain or with repetitive patterns, Jude aims to grant veiled women the option to look fabulous while still retaining their modesty. 

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