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This Egyptian Designer Makes Glass Bow Ties out of Mummified Butterflies and We Want Them All

Jewellery designer and entomology graduate Sara Osama has decided that it’s about time we all started wearing mummified insects.

From Karl Marx to his mortal ideological enemy Winston Churchill, Fred Astaire to Stromae, and Bill Nye the Science Guy, a bow tie is the mark of a true remarkable individual. The panache of bow ties seems to be lost on today’s feeble-minded kids who usually cringe at the sight of it because it reminds them of their economics professors.But something tells us today’s urban youth may come around when they see Papillon’s creations. It all started when a Egyptian entomology graduate decided it’s about time we all started wearing bow ties and mummified insects.Papillon founder Sara Osama got to work, pouring her vast academic knowledge and mad design skills into every piece. You may think you’ve seen all, but Osama – who aside from making exquisite Victorian jewellery with a unique modern twist – transcends her craft with her signature glass bow ties, which have pressed between their panes mummified butterflies and dried flowers!“The purpose and the idea behind the project were to combine my field of study and my passion for jewellery,” she says. “I also wanted to preserve all the joyful elements of nature, which we don’t get to enjoy after they expire.”Osama says her work combines her two passions in this life: biology and jewellery, which makes her both a trendsetter and one of the few people in the world to ever be able to make money out of entomology. That, once again, proves that bow ties are the mark of a true genius. No wonder your economics professor wears them!

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