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This New Egyptian App Virtually Replicates The Mall Shopping Experience

You can match outfits and get your friends' opinions before purchase.

In Cairo, one could easily lose their foot to unearth garment gems from any of the city's countless clothing stores and fashion websites. One trip to a mall in, let's say, New Cairo, means you're definitely missing out on other fabulous options in Sheikh Zayed or Mohandsin. While this might be a first-world-problem to some, those who take their fashion game seriously will be excited to know that Twigano, an Egyptian fashion-dedicated retail app, just launched a month ago to revolutionise Egyptians' shopping experience once and for all.

"We basically connect fashion enthusiast and shoppers with clothes and accessories vendors and retailers from across the country," says Twigano's marketing manager Mazen Magdi. "Through our platform, you can build an outfit with items from different stores and get your friend's opinions just like you would in a real trip to the mall," adds Magdi.

When an item is confirmed for purchase, the app immediately takes you to the vendor's online selling platform or provide you with the location of the nearest branch that has it, making frustrated hunts for certain items a thing of the past. "We realised that going to the mall is about socialising as much as it is about shopping, so we sought to recreate the physical shopping and social experience through our platform," explains cofounder Ahmed Abd, announcing that his team is now working on introducing Augmented Reality technology within the app to make the social aspect even more lively.

Shopping with friends in the comfort of our own bedrooms? We're there! 

Twigano is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.