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This New Egyptian Brand is Bringing Tiaras Back

Why shouldn't you wear a crown every day?

If there's one thing that any woman can do it's rock a tiara, but for some reason wearing a crown on a day to day basis just isn't acceptable. We're not entirely sure when this happened and we're not happy about it because if we can't have our own castle we should at least have our own crown - but thankfully new brand Wa Hekaya is changing all that and bringing tiaras back. Traditional head wear comes from ancient Arab culture, and founder and designer of Wa Hekaya renowned fashion blogger Farah Emara, wanted to celebrate that saying, "As an Arab woman, I believe in the power within all of us. I believe just like headwear started from here, it was part of my goal to bring it back." Each piece is inspired by Arab and Egyptian culture and history but they all come with a modern twist, varying from supremely royal to whimsically bohemian in aesthetic.  

This brand is about representing out history and heritage. "Our power lies in our identity and for that, I chose to provide every woman in Egypt and the Arab world a tool not only to tell a story but to express that power," says Emara. "Wa Hekaya is not just a brand, not just a product, and not just a purchase; it’s an expression of who you are and who you choose to be. A voice for you to tell your story and the chance to deliver it in the way that best speaks of you."

You can check them out on Facebook here or follow them on Instagram @wahekaya.