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This New Egyptian Fashion Brand's Half-and-Half Designs Will Be Your New Obsession

Why settle for one when you can get two tbh?


Another day, another Instagram account with pretty patterned clothing has made it into our lives —- except, it isn’t just another Instagram account. We’ve stumbled upon Tomes on one of our Insta adventures where we were obvs mindlessly scrolling down the Explore page and found their unique designs. Why are they unique, you ask? Because all of their designs are a coherence of two.

“Tomes was created to physically reverberate the concert of duality by translating it into a unique piece of garment,” Nada Elkalaawy, one of the masterminds behind the brand, explained. “The four founders of Tomes are all born between two countries, living between both, and two of which are twins, which gave birth to the brand name.”

Tomes might be a men’s clothing brand, however, their entire first collection shirts are gender fluid, advocating that style and fashion should never be limited by gender or place. The Alexandria-based fashion brand also takes their plastic waste very seriously, with them making sure that everything they produce is waste-free. “In tribute to our world and to the Mediterranean, our tags are produced from recycled paper, and our packaging bags are reusable and recyclable,” Elkalaawy told us.

All of Tomes’ products are handmade and are only available in limited editions. The brand aims to be a game changer for menswear in the country with their standout half and half designs, especially in a region where expressing yourself through fashion may sometimes prove to be a bumpy ride.


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