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This New Online Service in Cairo Is Bringing Fitting Rooms Directly Your Living Room

Designers Hub Cairo are your new one stop destination for Egyptian designer clothes. Right at your doorstep.

We love two things equally and unconditionally: our beds and shopping. The only problem with that is that our love for our beds makes us never want to leave to go shopping and shopping online just isn’t always the experience we want. The top could look amazing on the website but the colour is all wrong and the jacket could look adorable on that Facebook page, but the fabric is all rough and horrible. And the absolute worst thing of all is when the skirt is so perfect but it’s the wrong size. Luckily, Designers Hub Cairo know our struggle and are here to save the day with their ‘fitting room to your door service'.

Founders Dina El-Sisi and Nada Alaa wanted to have a platform for the best Egyptian designers where customers can view unique pieces in one place. "We found that Egyptians designers make great pieces that are bold and unique and are made with great quality that can compete with international brands" co-founder Dina El Sisi tells us. Designers Hub Cairo have more than 45 of the best designers and brands in Cairo, including some of your favorites like DnD Designs and Banat El Omda and even new, up and coming designers like Easha Designs and Menna Fekry. Here’s the cherry on top of the cake: You get to try on the items you like before you buy them. All you have to do is place an order and you can try it at home before making any real commitment. Dina tells us "All the designers thought that the 'fitting room to your door service' was really useful and their costumers love it just as much."

We’re sitting here waiting for our pizza and fitting rooms to get delivered, and we’re honestly not sure why you aren’t too. Check out Designers Hub Cairo's full boutique here.