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This T-Shirt Line Helps Raise Funds to Treat Burn Victims for Free

Ahl Masr Foundation, the non-profit organisations offering free treatments for burn victims, is teaming up with fashion brand Jicarus to help raise funds for their hospitals.

Ahl Masr Foundation, the first and largest non-profit hospital dedicated to the free treatment of burn victims in the MENA region, has paired up with fashion brand Jicarus to fight the stigma against burn victims through a line of new t-shirts called ‘Humanity Burn Free’.

A handful of celebrities have participated in the campaign by flaunting their ‘Humanity Burn Free’ t-shirts on social media, including Tunisian actress Aïcha Ben Ahmed, Egyptian sports presenter Alaa Omar, and Egyptian influencer Hla Roushdy.

The t-shirts run for 250 LE and are printed with an abstract, minimalist design highlighting the plight of burn victims, with 100% of the profits going directly to the Ahl Masr Foundation.