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This Woman's Obsession With Knitting Had Her Start Her Own Brand, Triconut

Don’t let freezing temps ruin your outfit choices – Tricount’s variety of knitwear is the perfect combination of cute and comfy.

In the midst of these frigid December temps, stepping outside in just a chunky sweater isn't going to cut it. That's left us wondering about knitwear. Why aren't there cute, Egyptian brands that are keeping us warm and fuzzy? In our search, we found super cute Egyptian knitwear brand, Triconuts. And it totally is. They make adorable beanies, scarfs, and headbands that won’t just keep us warm, but they’ll also brighten up the dullest of winter looks.

Tricount’s smurf-style knit hats and cuffed beanies, with fun patterns and faux fur pompoms fit our slouchy winter style perfectly – they’re soft, head-hugging and so street-style chic. And so are their scarfs with wool tassels; we’re feeling warm, just looking at them! They also make baby hats with little ears that are beyond adorable. A Triconut hat on a baby’s head is like icing on top of the perfect cake.

“I learned to knit when I was really young, it was just a hobby. I got stuck on many failed pieces, learned to rework them, sometimes threw them away. But now I can finish an entire beanie in two hours, while watching a movie and never having to look down once,” tells us Caroline Emad founder of Tricounts.

 Blogger, Sandra Fares in a Triconut beanie 

Our love affair with oversized sweaters started long ago, but Triconut’s knitted handmaid cardigans make us feel the cosiest; just like a big cuddle or taking our duvet to work (we wish). Triconut also makes giant chunky knitted blankets – who wouldn’t love snuggling up underneath one of these home wool treats?

“I knit with my heart. Seeing how happy and comfy people are in something I’ve made with my own hands brings me the most joy.” Emad doesn’t even use models to promote her brand, all the pictures on her Instagram page are of her and her friends wearing the products.

You can get your hands on their comfy creations via Instagram, Etsy and their main page.