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Tree K is the Local Streetwear Brand Sending Out Gloves & Masks with Every Order

By sending out supplies and brochures with every order made, this brand hopes to be able to do its part in helping out with the COVID-19 crisis.

Tree K

Local brands have always been the way to go. Fighting climate change through slow fashion, supporting local artisans and craftsmen, and fostering the creative industries are what we know and love our small labels for. Elevating that standard of social responsibility is Tree K, the three-year-old Egyptian streetwear brand sending out medical masks and gloves with all of their packages.

“I noticed that medical masks are becoming increasingly difficult to find and I thought of it as an important pillar of social responsibility for me to try and get them to my customers,” Khaled Amr Ismail, the founder of Tree K tells us. “My uncle is a pharmacist and he helped me find these single-use masks after I actually went to several cities across Egypt to find a supplier and couldn’t.”

Ismail sends out either a mask or medical gloves out with every order, which are always accompanied by a brochure chock-full of medical guidelines and advice. “I was inspired by the Lifebuoy and Dettol campaigns where they tell people how important it is to use soap consistently - even if it’s from another brand - because the point is to keep people safe, not to increase sales,” he says. 

In fact, taking it a step further, Tree K is also willing to send out masks, gloves, and brochures to other local brands for free so they in turn can send them out to their customers. 

All across Egypt, companies big and small seem to be putting their personal interests on pause and doing the right thing for the welfare of our population, and it’s heartening to see brands like Tree K pitching in to do their part as well.