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Tuya's Leather Bags Give Practicality a Whole New Look

Tuya's cultural yet modernised products have been putting a stunning spin on accessories and day-to-day practical items for nearly 100 years.

The fashion industry is frequently on the rise with new brands popping up everyday. Every girl knows that a purse or bag is the most important aspect of an outfit - are we right, or are we right? Must-have brand Tuya goes well beyond the purses, creating wallets, backpacks, passport holders…you name it, they got it. Established in 1920, Tuya has managed to keep it simple and chic, standing out with their authentic leather products. Aside from their simple designs, they have a few bags with vibrant tribal patterns and colours. In addition, the functionality and practicality of their products is what we love most about this brand.Located just off Zamalek’s 26th of July Street, this chic shop is home to uniquely contemporary bags and accessories. It has been an upcoming trend for fashion and comfort to collide. However, since this brand has been around for more nearly a century, Tuya has already crafted the essence of comfort within anything they create. In addition, one advantage they provide is the convertible bag, in which the handbag can be transformed into a backpack and vice versa. Their designs stand out because of their modernised yet cultural aesthetic. Gentlemen, no need to worry, Tuya has you covered as well. They have a few duffle travel bags in addition to several briefcases so you can go to work in style. You're welcome. You can check out their Facebook page here or Instagram here