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UNTY's Brand New Baseball Cap Collection Bursts Onto The Scene With Ingenious Designs

UNTY's Omar Mobarek just made baseball caps a good idea again!

Fashion is many things coming together to make you more sexually appealing and socially accepted. Caps, hats, and other headwear being an integral part of your overall appearance, the man behind UNTY, Omar Mobarek, has just decided to cover our bald patches and bad root touch-up jobs with the brand's uniquely rad caps! And as with everything UNTY, there is a concept. "The concept of the collection revolves around the idea of rising above traditions, culture, and social stigmas that we're born into," Mobarek tells us. "For the caps, we released three different designs. The diversity in design represents that individuality in each of them; rather than releasing three caps that varied in composition and sticking to one theme, we designed each one separately, making them completely different from one another."The method behind the madness is also very well calculated; as Mobarek puts it, every design is conceptualised so as to project a certain image. The Paint Splash baseball cap is designed so as to reflect "a chaotic, unplanned characteristic that results in a complete composition."However, the designs and patterns take on a finer aesthetic. For the Pastel baseball cap, he says, "we applied the embroideries and pattern print in white to create a subtle character for the cap."But perhaps, it's in the Teal baseball cap, that UNTY's recurring motif of 'no drama' emerges. "This third cap can be described as balanced and striking because of the strong contrast of Teal with the gold embroideries and print. 

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