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Uber Fluffy Neck Warmers From The Cushy Co.

We stumbled upon cosiness creator The Cushy Co., that will forever eliminate the horror of itchy scarves - can we get a hallelujah?

Don’t you just hate going out first thing in the morning during horrid winters - dragging yourself out of your warm bed and getting slapped in the face with chilly ice-cold wind? It's crazy that this has been the way of the world for decades, but we're closing in on the solution. Yep, found it! It's those fluffy woolly things you wrap around your neck.    The Cushy Co. makes getting out of bed on winter mornings significantly less painful; just make sure you put on their downy neck warmers right after you get out of bed and - voila! They come in all forms and shapes - from wrap-arounds to deep pocket scarves - and in basically every colour under the sun, which makes them both fashionable and practical It's the child-like velvety warmth that comes with staying in bed forever and having extra cheesy pizza, only it’s not as self-destructive. You might actually be able to make it through the winter with your career undamaged and mental health unbroken after all. 
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