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Upfuse’s Twin Bag Collection: A Piece of the Past to Carry on Your Back

We check out Upfuse's new collection of unique bags, made completely out of recycled plastic bags and speak to the designers to find out more...

Fashion with a conscience. Bags that interact with your personal journey and become a live chronicle of your memories, a unique combination of what once were colorful multi-purposed bags turned into your partner in crime. That’s what Upfuse’s Twin Backpack collection proposes.

Created through the upcycling 30 plastic bags, from Marc & Spencers department store classics, to thrillingly colorful arabesque lines, each one of Upfuse’s backpacks promises to be unique. “We were inspired by gathering and companionship - how our objects see what we see, collect memories, and experience our everyday life with us,” says co-founder Rana Rafie.

From flowery patterns to reverie-like pastel colors, the bags are finalised with organic cotton giving it a distinctive authentic feel to a piece that is more than an accessory: a part of the trace we leave on nature and a part of our own path.”The memory of our objects are shown on their surface when they are torn, or when they get a bit dirty. This is something that truly affected our thinking when we were designing the bags. We want our bags to hold memories and be part of gatherings and exploration,” adds her partner, Yara Yassin.


The concept opened way to the collection’s theme ‘Twin backpacks’, conceiving the back pack as “your twin, a stamp on your back that truly experience your everyday life and recall it.” The designers, who were recently featured as one of Cairo’s #25under25 entrepreneurs, launched the backpack line after participating in a two-month incubation program in Hamburg.

“Our different product lines were built on the concept of slow fashion and companionship; each line fuses a unique characteristic and a distinctive eco-friendly personality,” Yassin says. 

Initially launching the collection through social media, the team was surprised to find their collection sold out in two days, and are now restocking to launch their website, where new products will be available for sale. International retail stores will soon be available as well as Egyptian concept stores.

Inspiring their customers to indulge in travel, explore their own cities and embrace mobility, Upfuse’s bags elevate social consciousness to an experience in itself, taking a cool, comfy take on green fashion. “Our slogan is Conscious Expression, which is the other meaning of the eco-friendly style. We focus on how people express themselves, something that is usually shown in their style."

“Our backpacks have a memory of their own. They are made of plastic bags that have once been holding something no one knows. They have also a part of the graphics and advertising in places where they once belonged.” The mix of these multiple memories crafts the visual elements of a fashion item that breathes originality, authenticity, and more excitingly, a secret history they have to tell.

To view Upfuse's Twin Backpackers Collection, check out their Facebook page and Instagram feed.