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Venti is the Female-Owned Local Brand Dressing Women & Kids Since ’88

Named after the Italian word for 20, Venti is entirely owned and operated by women.

Founded by entrepreneur Amel Yehia in 1988, you could say that Venti is Egypt’s version of Forever 21. Named after the Italian word for the number 20, its ethos and style is very much one that is ’forever young’. The fashion brand is founded, owned, and operated entirely by women, who have been the driving force and the reason behind the success of the Egyptian brand for over 30 years.

Even though the brand is very women-centric, a huge part of its designs are geared towards little girls and boys. After all, part of catering to women is understanding that many of them have children, and being a one-stop destination for all their shopping needs is naturally part of the package. Crafting designs for kids at different age groups, their childrens’ designs are every bit as multifunctional as their womens’ line.

Their designs focus on the latest trends at reasonable price points, without skimping on quality. It’s practical, punchy, and playful. The most recent example is their Ramadan collection and their mommy and me line, which recently shot a campaign featuring fashion blogger Noha El Sherbiny and her little one.

Their latest summer collection pushed out a fresh, colorful bohemian-inspired aesthetic for all age groups and body types. You can find their newest releases at their store locations all over Cairo.