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Victoria’s Secret's Pink Is Coming to Citystars

Prompting images of all things sexy and frilly - and perhaps even a pillow fight or two - Victoria's Secret's Pink is opening up at Citystars.

Life is coming up bambi at Citystars, and no, they're not reviving the deer whose mom the guy stopped drawing, much to Joey's dismay. Instead, what they're reviving is our sense of fun and sexy, with the opening of Pink by Victoria's Secret on February 20th. Rejoice, Egypt's teenage girls – or those who've very clearly outgrown that stage but continue to wear Pink products anyway as part of an unfortunate quarter-life crisis. 

Ever since Victoria revealed her dirty little secret to Egypt, the nation’s bedrooms have seen far more action than usual. Now, adding a touch of teenage fun, Pink is introducing their new line for Egyptian girls who want to embrace the fringe benefits of being a girl. No one wants to be walking around with their Hello Kitty underwear in their late teenage years; but, then again, lusty and lacy isn't what we want our teenage girls to go for. Blending the fun with the frisky, Pink tries to capture the best of both worlds with their cute collections, soon to be available right here at home.

Keeping the sexiness level at PG-13, Victoria's Secret's Pink doesn't only have lingerie. Swimwear, accessories, tops, hoodies, and – our personal favourite – sweatpants are all part of the package. For their opening night, they're treating their customers to mini dogs with their purchases (while supplies last, unfortunately) and secret reward cards for the first 50 customers - some worth up to 1,000 LE. What could make this better? Music. And music there shall be – a DJ will be spinning from 4 PM to 8 PM to kick off the opening of Citystars' Pink.

Check out Victoria's Secret's Pink on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.