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WXYZ is the Egyptian Shopping Site We’ve Been Waiting For

The new e-commerce platform wipes Nasty Gal and sites of its liking right out of our brains.


Move over, Net-a-Porter and Nasty Gals of the world. Yet again, another local competitor rises to the occasion to do us proud. Here to support all the small, homegrown brands of Egypt in a young but rapidly growing industry is the newest e-commerce site, WXYZ. As the name suggests, this new shopping site has got pretty much everything in the alphabet up their sleeves. From fashion brands, to beauty products, to lifestyle and home goods— there’s room for everyone at the table.

With brands we’ve come to know and love over the years like Upfuse, and newer members to the scene like Bræs, this comprehensive experience makes it possible to shop local without enduring through the endless, confusing world of Instagram direct messages.

The platform offers two-day delivery, gift cards, and pre-arranged gift baskets and packages to send to your loved ones on special occasions. To make matters easier, the site curates buyers’ choice lists for him and her, so you can shop with assurance even if you haven’t tried the product yourself. Helping us all shop like an Egyptian while supporting our local industry and the creatives behind it? Don’t mind if we do.