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Walk A Mile in Rockport's Shoes

We decided to wake up early on a Friday for once in our lives, pop on some Rockport shoes, and wander the city...

For the most part, Cairo is not a pedestrian-friendly city. You're always playing a fun game of Dodge the Car. You may or may not fall into an open manhole, and subsequently create a new life and identity for yourself beneath the city's streets - where incidentally, you no longer have to deal with crazy microbus drivers. But we digress. There are a few precious winter months of the year where the weather permits you to stroll in the streets without sweat patches forming in under 32 seconds, and when it's a Friday and half of Cairo is curled up in bed watching Abla Fajita reruns, this is the time to strike! And by strike, we mean walk the city streets without the worry of being run over. So that's exactly what we did. We popped on our Rockport shoes and hit the pavement, exploring Cairo's streets in equal parts style and comfort. 

These boots are made for walking. We strolled into Downtown in style and - whaddya know? - on Fridays you can actually see the greenery in the city. Shocker we know.


Taking on Downtown Cairo in our comfy Rockport kicks - and sweatpants of course.


Asadein Kasr El Nil are clearly envious of our boots. We see you staring.

We got a really Instagrammable photo of the Cairo Tower right here...


If anyone tells you that you can't walk around in heels, you tell them that fashion and function are not mutually exclusive when it comes to Rockport. And then throw a shoe at them. 

Photo shoot by MO4Network's MO4 Productions

Photography by Abanoub Ramsis
Art direction by Ahmed El Abi
Styling by Gehad Abdalla