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We Talk to Azza Fahmy's Power Women About Their New Valentine’s Collection Inspired by Umm Kulthum

For years, Azza Fahmy has enchanted us with culturally rich handcrafted jewellery that reflects global heritage. Her latest Valentine’s Day collection is no different. It taps into the sentiments of Umm Kulthum that celebrate collective love.

For some reason, humans become overwhelmed with a euphoric chill when they hear the trills of an oud, or a harp intertwined with the trembling melody of a violin - even more so when the trills and melodies become familiar and the extraordinary voice of Umm Kulthum emerges to tap into whatever feelings of affection we might possess. It’s inescapable, really. 

Inspired by the romance-infused melodies and timeless songs of Umm Kulthum is Azza Fahmy’s newest Valentine’s Day collection that celebrates tales of love. Azza Fahmy was one of the first to reinvent Egyptian culture through unique pieces of jewellery, and now, her eponymous brand has made us delirious with their Umm Kulthum inspired Valentine’s Day collection.

Rightfully attributed to Umm Kulthum, the Azza Fahmy Valentine’s Day collection features timeless and elegant pieces of jewellery inscribed with Arabic calligraphy that carry messages of love to pass on. "My mother and I have been working together in partnership for the last 10 years so naturally both our inspirations and ideas influenced one another over time. Designing the Valentine’s collection was all about celebrating love stories. The inspiration came from all-time favorite love songs by Umm Kulthum," says Head Designer Amina Ghali, who envisioned the collection.Ghaly, one of Britain's Top 100 Jewellery talents created the stunning collection which hosts a mixture of 18 karat gold and sterling silver metals decorated with the elegance of lolites, pearls, and garnets. The carefully selected Arabic calligraphy pays tribute to the legacy of Umm Kulthum that remains a relevant means to celebrate our love with all those that surround us. For example, the gold and silver necklaces inscribed with ‘We are one’ are not only applicable to intimate lovers, but also friendships, and extended familial relationships. Because who said Valentine’s Day is only for lovers?  “Valentine's Day is all about celebrating a worldwide notion of love that transcends borders,” Azza Fahmy’s Managing Director, Fatma Ghali tells us.

Azza Fahmy is constantly enchanting us with their passion to showcase the elements that amount to Egyptian culture and heritage - in the most symbolic way possible, as done with the previous The Wonders of Nature collection and now with Umm Kulthum in their Valentine's Day collection. Thinking forward, the Azza Fahmy brand “are constantly trying to stay ahead of trends, and trying to innovate and be creative with [their] pieces,” Amina tells us.In the past, Amina has designed pieces inspired by nature and breathtaking landscapes, expressing the Azza Fahmy way of expressing appreciation for the environment. Later, this inspired a distinctive collaboration with KarmSolar where the Azza Fahmy team designed environmentally friendly solar panels for their buildings that were also rich in the identity and character that Azza Fahmy has accustomed us to.The Valentine’s Day repertoire is now available for us to gawk at in Azza Fahmy local boutiques. It is also available in Dubai, Qatar, Washington DC, London, and for the world via their online boutique.

“I consider myself very lucky to have a business that allows each of my daughters to do what they love, and to have them carry on the legacy of Azza Fahmy Jewellery,” Fahmy says, expressing her Valentine’s Day sentiments.Find out more about Azza Fahmy on Facebook and on Instagram.