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Win Customised Vans Shoes at Cairo Fashion Festival!

The iconic sneaker brand is giving away 20 pairs of one-of-a-kind custom kicks at CFF. Think you can draw? Head to their whiteboard and take the challenge. OR take a selfie with their giant shoe. Find out more here...

Few things make our eyes light up as much as free doughnuts and free shoes. And free shoes are a way bigger win.  And Vans, aka brand of shoes worn by all the cool kids in high school, seem to be in a giving mood – at the upcoming Cairo Fashion Festival in Cairo Festival City, the skater-cool brand will be giving away not 1, not 2, but 20 pairs of kicks. We don’t know about you but we could really use a new pair. We still have ones from high way back in school – not that we’re old or anything, ahem – and they’re scuffed and torn and kind of maybe really need replacing. They had cherries on them, in case you were wondering.  

If you happen to be hitting up said festival, and we suggest you do because it going to be a stylish overload and also because, well, you might win free shoes, then make your way over to the Vans booth and prepare to either face off with someone in a semi-artsy challenge or get Instagramming. Also, you’re not getting your average Vans; they’re going to be customised by an artist who’ll adorn them with y’know, artistic things.


Here’s the first way you can nab a pair. There’s going to be a giant white board set up at their booth. No you don’t have to solve long division on the board, put away your high school math nightmares. You can either pick your opponent or one will be selected for you and then you have to try and replicate a certain design on the board within a certain amount of time. Fastest person to get as close to the design as possible wins a pair of customised Vans. Simple as that!

If you don’t have any particular faith in your drawing skills, fear not, you still stand a chance at winning some shoes. There will also be a giant shoe set up at the booth; take a selfie with the shoe (because who doesn’t want a selfie with a giant shoe?), and post it, tag @CairoScene and hashtag #OffTheWall. Our top ten faves win!

To sum up: free shoes and…well that’s all that matters.