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Wood Meets Greco-Roman Nobility in Georges Sara & Co’s New Collection of Bags

The 115 year-old Egyptian leather brand's El Bosco line adds a chic, modern spin on classic aesthetics.

Wood Meets Greco-Roman Nobility in Georges Sara & Co’s New Collection of Bags

As one of the oldest names in Egypt’s surprisingly rich relationship with leather, Georges Sara & Co has, over the past 115 years since opening in Alexandria, managed to evolve and change with the times, offering lines and products that straddle high quality and high concept. The brand’s latest collection El Bosco, which means wood in Italian, fuses the two materials to create leather bags that take on the look and texture of wood.

"The whole collection is made in-house, right here Egypt,” owner and designer, Sara Ek Chayeb, told CairoScene proudly of a brand that has always worn its Egyptian identity proudly. “The leather is very specific kind called Nappa leather, which is a softer kind.”

While the idea of leather made to look like wood sounds peculiar on paper, the brand’s trademark chic and minimal approach stays clear of gaudiness and makes for a sophisticated collection of bags in a variety of different colours and sizes.

Paying homage to the founder Alfred Sara’s part-Greek heritage, the photoshoot for El Bosco draws on Ancient Greek and Roman cultures in quite simple, yet suitably royal, fashion. Check it out below.

Check out more of Georges Sara and Co's collection on InstagramFacebook or its official website.