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This New Egyptian Brand Will Swag Up Your Beach Game

Keep those saggy shorts at home.

There's been a time when heading to beach simply meant slipping in some shorts and that's about it. Fast forward a few decades and a fashion revolution later, and it became evident that your beachwear is more like a fashion statement one should pay attention to. Inspired by his own father's swaggy '80s beachwear, Egypt's established model Yehia Saada just launched his first ever beachwear collection, and colourful doesn't do it justice. 

'I simply once came across my dad's beachwear from back in the late '80s, and I couldn't help but think how come we don't have such items on the market anymore," explains Yehia Saada. "So I had the outfit remade in a different size, and that's when Saada Wear really started coming together."Floral, vibrant patterns and bold designs are what's in stock at Saada Wear. The collection caters to both boys and girls, setting in motion a revolution as to what looking glam at the beach is. "It's time we style up at the beach again. Some of the outfits can work as swimming suits and others are just simply what you could wear in summer or by the beach."Since launching a couple of weeks ago, Saada Wear has been bombarded by orders left and right, signalling a starving market for new and edgy fashion. "This is merely the first collection, I'm planning to expand to a full-fledged fashion label. It just made sense to start with the beachwear collection because... well, it's summer."

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