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Yanaju Gallery Comes to Sheikh Zayed

Residents of Sheikh Zayed, rejoice! Your district is now beautifully accoutered with a Yanaju Gallery store.

Fashion is ubiquitous in that a trend can dominate an entire locale, limiting an entire population to the same style of clothing to the point where everyone seems to be sharing a wardrobe. And why should you be spotted wearing the same top as Becky with the good hair!? She’s already got your man, she has to get your clothes, too?!

This sartorial dilemma can now be avoided because Yanaju Gallery is now open in Sheikh Zayed. With unique designs and up-and-coming Egyptian fashion designers, Yanaju transcends fashion and maintains the very creative authenticity that commercial brand retailers often lack. “We’re the first and only concept store in the area; before, people would just go to the mall and shop at clothing retailers,” Yanaju Gallery founder Yasmine Al Assar tells us. “Unlike them, we offer unique collections and unique items.”We cannot contain our excitement, especially after Al Assar revealed to us that new collections were launched specifically for the opening. “We started off with an amazing collection straight from the UK, and we will infuse some of the top Egyptian designers to give our customers a variety of tastes and options. We also have the most amazing beachwear,” she states.  

With summer just around the corner, fashion will soon again be the centre of your universe - except, this time, we can all stand out and not look like Becky.

Check out Yanaju Gallery on Facebook and Instagram for more information!