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Yasmine Yeya's 2017 Bridal Collection: We're Refugees of Love

Les Réfugiées D'amour, Yeya's 2017 bridal collection, will definitely inspire any upcoming bride to seek refuge and love inside her atelier.

Can we profess the deepest, darkest secret about what goes on in the mind of every bride when she's in and out of dresses, waiting to say yes to the dress? Uncovered by the scientists at our CairoScenic Physiosociopsychological Institute, it is believed that the percentage of a successful marriage increases if the bride loves her wedding gown, and that how much she loves her future husband is directly correlated with her heart rate in the moment she slips into her dream gown. It's been proven, we promise, but we can't show you because we think a better idea would be to re-introduce you to Cairo's most wanted designer, Yasmine Yeya, and her new 2017 collection, created with more detail and care than your own creation as a person. Shall we take a look?With soft fabrics and designs, humming songs of 'femininity', Refugees of Love is a collection with more of a story behind it. "The story has a bit of irony. When I was designing this collection, I was thinking of how women seek and find refuge in love," Yeya says. This certainly makes us stop and think, is it so bad to seek and find that refuge? Not when it amounts to an inspiration as beautiful as these gowns. And, it's certainly important to remember that not all women seek the same refuge in love. "In my 10 years of experience, I dealt with so many types of Egyptian women, so many archetypes – so, in this collection, you'll find the royal, the fragile, the feminine; it's for all women," Yeya adds.The more we hear about Yeya's inspiration, like when she tells us "When they find refuge in love, they are open and ready to give it all they've got," we're not solely visually pleased at this point, but rather emotionally moved – we're feeling at peace with our vulnerability as humans who fall in love, and more confident about our femininity – isn't that what a wedding gown is supposed to do to you? 

A lucky bride, somewhere right now – in her hair-pulling,cold-feet-kicking and screaming, planning-godzilling process – will visit Maison Yeya this season and fall in love all over again, and order and peace in her life will be restored as she finds herself one of those sartorial masterpieces.

Look out for Maison Yeya's creations and news about the collection's weekend launch on FacebookInstagram and their website.