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Zaeri Awakens Our Inner Hippie with Handmade Linen Pieces

With each of their all-natural, handmade linen pieces named after the 14 Arabic words for love, Zaeri embraces oneness through both concept and design.

When someone describes something as being ‘made with love,’ they usually mean that some TLC has been poured into its creation. But when local label ‘Zaeri’ say their pieces are made with love, they’re diving a little deeper. With each piece named after the 14 states of love in the Arabic language - such as ‘Al Gharam’, ‘Al Kalaf’, and ‘Al Tayem’ - the collection and its accompanying short film explores the concept directly through their design.

“Our t-shirts buttons have to be closed all at once, our linen fabrics mesh into one,” cofounder Mariam Zaki tells #SceneStyled. “We wanted to translate the idea of connection into the pieces themselves, not just in our campaign.”

To Zaeri, the concept of love doesn’t stop with romance or family. They’re looking to show their love for the planet by ensuring their locally handmade pieces are all ethically-sourced using natural linens and silks. The collection is a limited release for this same reason, with only a couple dozen copies of each piece available. “You can’t get the same material twice because it’s a natural material,” Zaki adds. “It’s impossible to repurchase the same shade, so each piece is very precious.”