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Zahan: The Egyptian Brand Channelling Classic Elegance for its Ready-to-Wear and Bespoke Dresses

It’s hard to feel anything less than a queen in one of their dresses.


Call us old, but we totally buy into that whole rose-tinted longing for the days of yesteryear when things were (quite ambiguously) 'better'. It's a sentiment shared by  Egyptian fashion brand, Zahan, and it all starts with the name.

You see, the word zahan is Persian for 'origin' and that's what the brand is trying to remind modern-day Egyptians when it comes to fashion choices, especially dressing up. Noticing that most Egyptians are overlooking the importance of the correct styles for their bodies and correct finishings and quality of dresses is what essentially gave birth to Zahan.

“We’re trying to bring back elegance and quality. We care about what fits you, your character, your skin tone," the team at Zahan told CairoScene. Founded in 2018, Zahan has released two ready-to-wear collections so far, but also release individual custom-made pieces on a continuous basis. Their showroom in New Cairo is where they receive their by-appointment-only potential clients, and it's where the magic happens. 

In the works are plans to stock dresses in stores in Russia, Italy and Germany, with the photoshoot for an upcoming collection set in Russia. They're also organising a big fashion show and event to showcase their designs in the next year. 

For a brand that one might consider still fairly young, Zahan's designs have turned heads in the world of fashion and one of the brand's dresses (pictured above) is one of two chosen for the wardrobe of this year's El Gouna Film Festival's official marketing campaign photoshoot. High praise indeed.

Check out more of their designs below.

 Check out more of Zahan on Instagram.