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Zang's Campaign for their New Collection Features 10 Egyptians Who Dare Challenge the Status-Quo

The collection marks the third one for the brand which took Cairo's street style scene by storm a year and a half ago.

What is it about dreams that make them so alluring? We grow up visualising vivid details about our future lives, dreaming of the people we aspire to be. But then life happens. We graduate, find any paying job, and get locked in an endless loop of commitments and plans that we never made for ourselves. Everyone keeps telling us to be patient, to wait. But how long should we actually wait until we finally pursue those unfulfilled dreams? The answer is we shouldn't wait; those lives we want aren't going to magically happen because of our good intentions, we have make them happen.

Local streetwear brand Zang, which appeared on the Egyptian scene in 2015, just released their third collection, titled Vandalism, which is a call to disobey whatever it is that is holding us back from chasing that idea of ourselves we always dreamt of. "This time we wanted to make a not-so-vague statement about ignoring everything that's stopping people from going for their dreams, including themselves," founder Bassam Emam explains. "The designs were inspired by our message to people to vandalise life so they can get what they want out of it. Rebellious words like 'Fighter', 'Slay', 'Vandalism' and our signature 'Zang' design indicate what we're asking of people to do. Some of them are in Arabic typography, which we used to establish a connection to our culture and history."

The eccentric campaign accompanying the collection, titled Zang Gang Project, exemplified the message by featuring many familiar faces that come from diverse artistic backgrounds - people who followed their own unorthodox paths. From vloggers Nour Kabakebe and Sara Sabry to DJs Adry and Fido, and Aguizy and Fahim, not leaving out actors like Wael Mansour, fashion blogger Radwa El Ziki, hip-hop dancer Layla Ghaleb, and model Susan Idris. All these familiar originators are using Vandalism's bold pieces as statements against stereotypes, norms, and paralyzing traditions.

After being in the market for two years, Zang is finally stepping up with confidence towards its own maturity, in terms of quality, design, and their message.

Check out the shoot below:

Sara Sabry, vlogger

Nour Kabakebe, vlogger


Layla Ghaleb, hip-hop dancer


Wael Mansour, actor


Suzan Idris, model


DJ Adry


DJs Aguizi & Fahim


Radwa El Ziki, fashion blogger


DJ Fido

Shoot by Black Studio Egypt.
The collection is out now and you can order it via Zang's Facebook or Instagram.