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Zarayer Boutique: Cute As A Button

Buttons aren't only for getting lost somewhere in the abyss of your laundry machine - there's one more thing you can do with buttons: wear them, and look gorgeous doing so!

Buttons are cute - hence, you know, the whole 'cute as a button' thing. They come in all shapes, colours, and styles, but - most importantly - they hold your cuffs together and your shirt intact. Except one of them manages to fall off somewhere in the laundry, throwing a monkey wrench in your fashionable stylings. So, what do you do when your shirt comes undone? You make an earring and necklace set, of course. Duh.Zarayer Boutique makes wearable art using buttons, and, true to the saying, it's incredibly cute! The design house crafts stunning ornamental jewellery out of buttons, so you never have to be spotted wearing the same necklace as your ex’s girlfriend. "The idea first started when my younger sister, Terese, wanted to start her own design line and was always looking for inspiration. One day, I was playing around with my mother’s boxes when I found some old buttons and thought of using them to design a necklace for my own use. When my friends expressed great admiration towards the necklace, I thought of going back to my long-abandoned hobby of accessory design. So, I joined forces with my sister to start up our own line," says Co-Founder Karin Zaki.Zarayer Boutique’s designs are original, fun, and playful with a touch of class and sophistication. "Zarayer Boutique is about utilising vintage buttons in modern designs by means of designing handmade accessories and fashionable clothing," Zaki explains.

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