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Zenelle is the Local Brand Bringing Bali Vibes to Cairo

Akin to their sustainable nature-bound aesthetics, Zenelle's core philosophy is fully formed around the idea of community building.

Dropping the rigidity of corporate life, Sarah AlSady - founder and CEO of Zenelle - opted for the chilled-out and laid-back vibes of Bali society. There, her ‘ebb with the flow’ persona and newfound homesickness morphed into self-love and spiritual alignment - which in turn led to the development of her new fashion brand.

“The brand was definitely a turning point for me,” AlSady tells SceneStyled, “Completely transformative and life-altering. I used to love working and I can wholeheartedly say that I was addicted to the corporate environment, and the hustle of it all, a phone always in hand, but then my life became more relaxed, even when I can admit to working much harder now.” 

Akin to their sustainable nature-bound aesthetics, the brand’s core philosophy is fully formed around the idea of community building. The production process - which includes a heavy emphasis on extracting dyes from naturally occurring ingredients - craves the intimacy of a local artisan.

“It doesn't make sense to continuously outsource, travel, and obtain the resources I want from far-away markets but at the moment, and only two months into Zenelle, that makes the most sense,” AlSady says. “However, I aim to familiarize myself with the local market so that I can help the local vendors and artisans by partnering with them, to be part of the greater picture. Even when I was abroad I would sit with the locals and make things by hand and we’d collaborate on the creative journey.” 

The collection of linen and cotton dresses come with a perfectly neutral palette. Not exceedingly overwhelming on the eyes, the clothes' extensible nature already makes them sustainable, with no fad-esque trendy pieces insight. As part of the whimsicality of it all, AlSady hopes to shed some light on an untapped regional market; simultaneously offering something new to the fashion scene, all the while educating women on what sustainable fashion looks like. 

To shop your next summer staple, head to their website at