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This Azza Fahmy Graduate Creates Abstract Jewellery Designs with A Hint of Eclecticism

Egyptian designer Amena Farahat's jewellery pieces are inspired by anti-tradition, using abstract visuals to create striking and meandering pieces.

Amena Farahat Designs Jewellery Egypt

When considering jewellery, you’ll more often than not end up finding more or less the same thing- whether it's traditional pieces playing on classical designs, or pieces screaming with loud gems. With Amena Farahat Designs, however, it's a bit of a different story.

The designs conceived by Farahat put something of a modern twist to calligraphy, breaking Egyptian tradition down and in turn creating something of abstract beauty.

"I'm not a traditional person," Farahat told CairoScene."I like things that look different." And that's what comes through, first and foremost, in Farahat’s designs, the brightness and elaborate details of the jewellery give off an arabesque impression at first with the flare of gold and silver, but upon a closer look you'll see that the designs are in fact not traditional at all.

The products, usually created from A-to-Z by her, are designed asymmetrically, and the shapes abstract, making the jewellery pieces a little unpredictable. Farahat told CairoScene that process of making the jewellery is what keeps her inspired – from designing to soldering, to sowing and finishing.

Farahat mostly uses sterling silver in her designs – the closest metal to silver – making the process of cleaning the jewellery hassle-free. Many of the designs are coated in gold or silver plate, giving them a certain shine of elegance.What kick-started her career as a jeweller was a Azza Fahmy course designated towards people aspiring to become jewellery designers. You can see a lot of Azza Fahmy's influence on Farahat's designs, with the similar thick pendants and some of the huge statement pieces. There is also the same arabesque influences on the designs of Farahat's jewellery.

Her collections range of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Our personal favourite? Those chokers man. 

Check out more of Amena Farahat Designs' jewellery pieces on Instagram and Facebook.