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Amina K. Looks to the Stars for New Pisces-Inspired SS19 Collection

Just like Pisces, the Egyptian brand's latest collection is filled with unabashed quirkiness and a handful of surprises.

Amina K's SS19 Collection "Piscean" Delivers The Kaftan Fantasy We All Deserve.

Channelling the Piscean within, Egyptian fashion brand, Amina K., has looked to the stars for the inspiration in her comeback collection, which serves as an ode to the multifaceted, chameleon-like dualities of the zodiac sign. Both fearless and pronounced in her choices, the Piscean woman is armed with an unmatched creativity and unrivalled ability to morph into whoever she needs to be – something that the collection channels in the most fab of ways.

"Piscean is a collection targeting the daring woman, who's not afraid to take risks, nor does she follow trends,” Amina told CairoScene. “She wears what suits her, she feels comfortable but edgy, sexy without being vulgar. The collection is flexible in its styling; you can wear it on a beach, at home or on a night out.”

Piscean arrives as a spectacle of flowy yet dramatic silhouettes that can easily be dressed up or down. Amina's choice of colours, fabrics and patterns is both minimalist and maximalist in its presentation – and who doesn’t love a girl who can do both, whether it’s the gorgeously flared two-piece flamenco suit with a refreshing take on patterned combinations, or the ruffled calf-length skirt in a summery floral pattern that reflects back in the cuffs, lining and pockets of a deconstructed collared shirt.

And of course, we dare not mention the head-turning kaftan kimono, paired with a pair of pants and a top to match, served in an unexpectedly delightful colour-combo of mint and red.

While Piscean comes strong with the patterns, it simultaneously delivers black and white outfits that are just as bold. Arriving in the same breezy silhouettes of their patterned counterparts, both the white and black looks reveal subtle yet efficient details of colorful hand-made embroidery that utilizes primitive stitching techniques, adding a definitive pop of color to the monochromatic whites and blacks.

Though immaculate in design, there’s something refreshingly instinctive and natural about the collection, which speaks of the unusual approach Amina took.

"The design process was bottom-up,’ she explained. “I let the fabrics and patterns lead me and inspire me instead of what I usually do, which is completely being in control of the fabric," she continued after dishing on her recent journey into motherhood and a new concept she came up with while taking some much deserved downtime.

"After having my two kids, I had to take it slow, take a break from all the stress and go off on a little hiatus. During that period, I came up with Hosted by Amina K. where I curate and collect pieces from different designers to show at my store, which relieved major work pressures and strains at the time. However, I'm glad to be back now, more than ever! With Piscean, we will be releasing an item from the collection every Tuesday at our Zamalek store.”

Head to Amina K.'s instagram to check out more of the collection and check out Piscean's video promo