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These Egyptian-Made Energy Pendants Can Apparently Soothe Mind, Body and Soul

These energy stones are said to have different powers, depending on the colour and shade of the stone.

energy pendant egypt

While we can't say that crystal healing powers definitely work out, we can definitely root for their artistic and mystical appeal. Dewi Designs – a local online design concept store founded by Mostafa Dewidar in Alexandria – sells a range of pendants made of stones in various colours. Each pendant has a different purpose – or a power if you will.

"I believe in the power of healing crysals," Dewidar told CairoScene. "I got my first one a long time ago in Greece. A guy sold me an Amethyst pendant, and told me that people used to wear it a long time ago to protect themselves from bad energy. When I wore it, I felt the positivity."

Admiral Pendant
Amethyst Pendant

All of Dewi Designs' pendants are handmade, meaning that the designs are all unique. The stones are either made from scratch at the Dewi Designs' design studio or acquired from nature. For the chains of the necklace, you have two options – either black leather, or 925 silver. The colours, too, have an effect on your conscious mind,  according to the founders of Dewi Designs.  

River Ripple Pendant

For example, the colour blue in an energy stone and is said to be good for slowing down your metabolism as it creates a tranquil effect in your body. With the alabaster stone, on the other hand, the whiteness in the rock is close to that of purity; the whiter the pendant, the purer the effect is has on your mind. With the purple stones, your intuition becomes clearer, while black protects you from stress and negativity.

Amethyst Stone
Electric Shade Pendant
Aqua Pendant

In addition to the pendants, Dewidar is also working on adding earrings, bracelets and even clothes for his next batch of items on their page. While the studio resides in Alexandria, Dewidar tells us that they deliver all over Egypt.

Check out the pendants for yourself on Dewi Designs' Instagram page.