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Loafers: The New Egyptian Brand Making Stylish Handcrafted Shoes for Men

You can tell everything you need to know about a man from his shoes (or something along those lines).

American journalist George Frazier, once said, “wanna know if a guy is well dressed? Look down” (further down…get your head out of the gutter). True to the saying, when it comes to men’s fashion, shoes are everything. Take a look at a man’s shoes and you’ll know everything you need to know about him. That's why Egyptian shoe brand, Loafers handcrafts their shoes. Ensuring that Egypt’s men are looking snazzy and sharp at all times, Loafers was founded in January 2019 by brothers Abdelrahman Yehia and Ahmed Yehia.

“Everything is handcrafted. And that’s the way it should be done. In Italy, most of the top shoe brands have their products handmade so that intricate details in the designs are done perfectly,” says Abdelrahman “My dad owns a factory and I’d worked with him my whole life so we’ve been in the shoe industry for a while. But my brother and I decided that we wanted to have a more personal interface with our customers, and meet the people we’re selling to and do our own thing.”

With everything being mass-made, it’s always a breath of fresh air to find the few brands that still do it old school. Using a range of different colours including cafe and havana, the family-run business aims to bring Cairene men a dash of style in every step.

“Back in the day, men would usually wear two main colours when it came to shoes, black and brown. We look for certain colours," says Abdelrahman. "Now there are so many options and colour palettes, like Havana and café and we want to incorporate those kind of colours and not be limted."

Offering their product at an average price range of EGP 600-650, the online account is all about bringing quality and elegance at a reasonable cost. And their shoes are suitable for any occasion. Going for a ride on your yacht? Loafers’ll make sure you’re looking chill yet sharp. Important business meeting that may make or break your future? No problem, Loafers’ got that sorted too.

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