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LOCA: The Egyptian Brand Channelling Minimalist French Fashion with its Hemp Rope Bags

Because leather bags are so last season.

Loca Bags

Summer is on the horizon and with its imminent arrival comes the usual mad dash to kit out our beach-ready wardrobes. Yes, say goodbye jeans and stuffy shirts, hello denim shorts and cute tank tops. No outfit is ever complete, however, without a statement bag and we’ve got just the bags for this coming summer's debauchery. Chic, minimalist and elegant, LOCA bags add just the right touch of pzazz to any outfit.

Founded in 2018 by Rawan Makeen, LOCA bags find their inspiration in minimalist French fashion, and the iconic straw baskets carried by English actress, Jane Birkin in the 70s. 

“This type of bag is for the woman who’s looking for an escape from the chaos of the city and work," Makeen tells CairoScene. "She's the type of woman who looks elegant and chic even in jeans and a plain white tee."

Taking on a slightly nautical look, too, the bags are made of cotton and manila hemp ropes, with the idea of the round-shaped bag coming to Makeen when she looked to introduce something a little more original and unique to the market. 

“What drove me to these specific designs and colours is my love for the sea and the beach and this minimalist vibe they inspire,” says Makeen.

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