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New Egyptian Online Jewellery Store Bringing Back Boho Chic

Alia Madkour wanted to break shackles from the corporate world, and chase her true passion - jewellery.

We love us some boho chic jewellery, the kind that you can comfortably wear on a day out all the way to a fancy-schmancy wedding ceremony. Accessories are a sure way to enhance your overall appearance, and the more one of a kind they are, the better.

Moonstone Jewels is an Egyptian online jewellery store which sells a range of handmade earrings and necklaces that are more unique than the name of the store gives it off to be. The woman behind it - Alia Madkour - stands alone entirely in her project, creating the earrings and necklaces from the design, to the very last pearl.


"I've been making jewellery since 2010, but only recently started taking it seriously with this store," Madkour told CairoScene. The stones used consist of a range of high-quality materials and semi-precious stones, like pearls, rubies, and sterling silver.


The gold used in the jewellery is made out of sterling silver – which is the closest thing to 100 percent silver, giving the items the kind of appeal that most jewellery startups strive for.

The semi-precious stones and pearls come in multiple colours - the more to adorn both your dark and cute side with. "I like to experiment while making my jewellery," Madkour said, explaining the different designs and concepts found in her accessories.

Her latest collection comprises of small gold coins – a trend that's been taking over Egypt since the summer, according to Madkour.

Keep up with Moonstone Jewel's collections on the official Instagram and Facebook pages.