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Egyptian Handbag Brand Drops Sickening Mother-of-Pearl Clutches Collection

The women's handbag brand Sadafa just released their latest Winter/Autumn '18 collection, and we can't peel our eyes off the bags.

handbag clutch box mother of pearl

Sadafa's bags have caught our eyes before, and they've caught our eyes again. The handbag label, founded by designer Dina El Sheikh in 2016, has broken into Egypt's market with blinging bags made of mother-of-pearl, and resembling styles and traditions that reflect different tribes, countries, and cultures.

For their latest capsule collection – Afrique Mon Amour – which was released for the Fall/Winter '18 season, El Sheikh relied on geometrical and tribal designs and patterns to adorn her bags with. El Sheikh told CairoScene that the inspiration towards the designs for this season was paying homage to Cote d'Ivoire – the country where she grew up as a child.

These glamorous clutches are made of mother of pearl, an organic material made from the inner lining of different mollusk shells such as pearl oysters, freshwater pearl mussels, and abalone. The multiple layers and mixture of the shells is what reflects the lights off of the bag, subsequently making it reflect a range of different colours when viewed from different angles.

The elaborate details and natural shine of the bags make it suitable for both professional occasions and wild nights out. The hard-box clutches – compact and sturdy in their sizes – are a sure way of not losing your items.

The Afrique Mon Amour collection also has an optional strap add-on, meaning you can attach a chain on it to act as a shoulder strap. The meticulous attention to detail of the designs does not betray El Sheikh's contemporary brand, as reflected in her previous collections.

Photography by Diego Diaz Marin
Photography by Diego Diaz Marin
Photography by Diego Diaz Marin

For this latest collection, El Sheikh collaborated with Spanish photographer Diego Diaz Marin, a photographer whose work has been featured in internationally renowned magazines.

Check out more of s.a.d.a.f.a's mother of pearl clutches on Instagram.