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The Egyptian Gown Designer Redefining Evening Glamour

Now you know what you’re wearing at your next big night out.

When women go to weddings, or simply an evening out, some might prefer to keep it simple, while others go all the way out. The latter group just got a new ally in town, Sarah Fahmy Designs, and her fancy, extravagant bridal and evening gowns that are sure to make heads turn at any night out. 

The brand actually started to take life long ago, before going through a long hiatus. “I actually started to work on the brand eight years ago, in my fresh days at university, but I stopped for a while and started again two years ago” said the wildly-talented Sarah Fahmy.

The chic dresses, or gowns are created with such precision, finesse, and absolute sophistication in every little millimeter. ‘’The dresses are all designed by myself, I have an atelier – this latest collection called "La Belle Epoque" was actually inspired by chandeliers, and I wanted to work with embroidery because, well, simply put, I really like embroidery”, she added.Her appointment process has the kind of exclusivity to it that makes you feel like a star. “To book an appointment, people often send me emails, but I communicate via Instagram too. You can come and see the dresses in my collection, but I also make custom dresses for people”, added Sarah.

Have a wedding coming up, and what to wear has been on the back of your mind for a while? Now you know where to go. 

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