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Egyptian Brand The King's Mother Releases Gorgeous Marie Antoinette-Inspired Blazer Collection

If she was alive today, Marie Antoinette would have rocked these stunning blazers.

The King's Mother Collection

If Marie Antoinette lived in the 21st century, she definitely wouldn't have the same impact she did in the 18th century as Queen of France - because, you know, queens are meant to be prim and proper, of course. Luckily for us, she was born in 1755, a time where being over-the-top with your wardrobe choices was just how things were done.

Fast-forward three hundred years, fashion designers and fanatics still seek her out for inspiration, and the King's Mother, Egypt's eclectic blazer brand, has just dropped their new collection, Bertin, stunningly-reinterpreting the work of Marie Antoinette's courtier, Rose Bertin.The collection draws on Marie Antoinette's love of slim-fitted waists and structured cuts, combining her bold aesthetic and penchant for the extravagant with rich lace and satin textures. For an on-the-go attire, the collection also has pieces with removable parts and plain fabrics. Check out rest of collection:

Check out more from the King's Mother on Instagram.