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This Egyptian Brand Adds Whimsy to your Wedding with Exquisite Handcrafted Headpieces

Tiaras are so 2007.

There was once a time when every bride-to-be's goal was to pull-off her wedding with as few hitches as possible. Nowadays, it's about doing something special, memorable and, god help us, Instagram-able. Pff, millenials. There are few better ways to do exactly that than with the most important element of all: the dress and all of its trimmings, of course, which is where White by J&N comes in.

Founded by longtime friends, Jody El Zoghby and Nadine Orfy, the up-and-coming, Alexandria-based fashion brand specialises in handcrafted evening and bridal headpieces and offers shipping to Cairo.

Speaking to CairoScene, El Zoghby explained how she’d always had a passion for arts and crafts, though her light bulb moment came when when her sister had ordered a headpiece for her wedding. “Hey, I could do that,” she thought - and that she did.

Sharing similar interest in all things handcrafted, co-founder and school friend, Orfy, found herself intrigued by the idea, too. The duo quickly began crafting pieces of their own with the help of YouTube tutorials and it wasn't long before the hobby took off and became a business venture.

The self-taught artisans launched their brand a year ago, working from a workshop, where the metal designs are made, and from home, where the handicraft detailing takes place.

“You can’t bring just anyone to make these,” explains El Soghby. “It requires talent and thought.” White by J&N isn't the only brand producing evening and bridal headpieces, but what makes them special is that they treat it like a true craft, and their passion truly shows through their masterly pieces. Each piece they make is unique and thoughtfully and intricately designed, packing plenty of sophistication into what are very delicate pieces.

Available for order via Instagram, prices range from EGP 80-100 for small pins, EGP 150-600 for evening pieces, and EGP 800-1,500 for bridal pieces. As for the future, they future they hope to expand their business, selling in concept stores and shipping worldwide.

Check out more of their designs on Instagram.