Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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10 Hilariously Egyptianised Comics Depicting Elements Of the Periodic Table as Humans

The best way to cram for that exam tomorrow...

Staff Writer

You'll never find a lot of people who actually loved chemistry; it was difficult, too much information, and by the time you established the fact that you're 2adabi the fun part of breaking beakers and having things explode at the lab began. And only the smart kids got a piece of that! So, to help you reach that Dexter level of awesomeness and putting your life in danger, we came across 10 Egyptianised explanations of elements from the periodic table that made it easier to understand their properties. They're illustrated through cartoons showing us what each element would be like if it were human. Where was this stuff when we were in school?!


He wants to be friends with everyone, but he can't, because he takes away all their electrons!


Don't judge her by how stinky she is, she's very significant when it comes to making flames!


Very active metal, and he's definitely whipped for water.


The most popular guy around, he can interact with everyone – except the inert ones!


Every living things depends on him...


The most liquid, the heaviest, and the most dangerous!


He's on top when it comes to the elements in the air we breathe!


He's inert, independent, balanced, and not easily influenced, and doesn't react – sounds like a typical boyfriend.


Let's just say he needs a lot of space, because there's a lot of him to go around.


Absolutely gorgeous, and never reacts to anyone – aka, too good for you.