Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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10 Top Trending Egyptian Ramadan Questions on Google

The Internet giant hooked us up with with the inside scoop on the biggest questions the Egyptian people have been searching about our favourite holy month. Some of them are kind of surprising.

Staff Writer

Google has given us exclusive information on the trending questions Egyptians have asked the giant search engine during Ramadan over the past five years. These 10 trending topics run the gamut from simple inquiries into the history of the holy month to who is responsible for everyone's favourite Ramadan song. Check out the list below and see how many you already knew the answer to, or which ones you've asked yourself.

Most trending questions on Ramadan (in the past five years):

  1. What is Ramadan?

  2. What is Ramadan Yamish (assorted nuts and dried fruit)?

  3. When is the first day of Ramadan?

  4. What are the most watched Egyptian series in Ramadan?

  5. What is a healthy sohour in Ramadan?

  6. When was fasting decreed for Ramadan?

  7. When was Ramadan first declared?

  8. What is Iʿtikāf in Ramadan?

  9. What is the prayer/duaa recited before Iftar?

      10. Who composed the Ramadan Gana song?