Monday 5 of December, 2022
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8 Netflix Series to Binge Watch Over the 6th of October Weekend

We're taking a break from the glamorous lifestyle we usually lead and just going to veg out for some serious Netflix and chill sessions this 6th of October.

Staff Writer
Pretty Little Liars
Following five high school girls as they get involved in the unsolvable mystery of their best friend's sudden disappearance. Five seasons of binge watching with the best and trendiest outfits, the most swoon-worthy high school romances, and the completely crazy, wanna-be horror scenarios that get you hooked all over again every episode.
Luke Cage
Netlfix’s Marvel lineup, including Jessica Jones and Daredevil, is some of the most dark, kick-ass superhero action to be beamed directly into our eyeballs. Their newest addition, Luke Cage, is a bulletproof African-American at a time when the world seems to need him the most. Even without all the societal subtext, it’s fun as hell to watch him punch the crap out of everything while we don’t leave our house for at least two days.
This violent and mostly sort of true series about the infamous Columbian drug smugglers has had us hooked. Careful you don’t OD binging this whole series at once. 
Amanda Knox
Two young lovers in a small Italian city suddenly find themselves accused of cold-blooded murder. What could an American 20-year old student doing a semester abroad have to do with such a crime? For fans of true crime stories and the other Netflix smash hit Making A Murder, this is a must.
Orange Is The New Black
Ever wondered what the US prison system is like? This hit Netlix original is a sort of true story about an upper-class white girl who gets sent to not-so-upper-class prison. Full of sex and violence, this is the perfect show to binge with your partner during a romantic long weekend at home.
Planet Earth
For the nature lovers out there who actually might be upset that they aren’t leaving the house to explore the big beautiful world out there. Between the gorgeous cinematography and the soothing voice of Sir David Attenborough, we could curl up with this classic miniseries for way too long. Don’t forget to order some food while you're living vicariously through a bunch of penguins.
Chef’s Table
Nothing beats binge-watching a series about gourmet restaurants while eating KFC takeout. It’s kind of like poetry.
Rick & Morty
This one is a little out there but trust us when we say this show is the best cartoon ever. A zany, high-concept sci-fi romp through alternate dimensions that pushes the envelope in every way imaginable. Extra enjoyable with some chemical stimulation.