Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Video: AMPY - the Power Bank That Charges When You Move

Using kinetic energy to charge, the AMPY power bank is just around the corner.

Staff Writer

It seems that when smartphones get smarter, battery life decreases and the need for portable chargers has increased incredibly. However, what do you do when your phone is dead AND your power bank is dead? AMPY is a power bank, launched through a crowdfunding campaign, that charges itself through kinetic energy just like your dad's old watch.

The type of physical effort required to recharge AMPY doesn’t need to on an athletic level either; a good 2 hours walk can add a good five hours to your device. You can even attach it to your dog or any moving object that vibrates, and it will work just fine.

This project launched in October 2014 and recently they released their beta smartphone app for pilot users to test. This app allows users to track the energy generated by the device, and the calories they (or their dog) burned.

Though this project has received a lot of funding on they have not started producing this device yet. This device will cost around 99$ without taxes or shipping costs. Check out the video here: