Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Amazon Ruins the iPhone 7's Surprises Early

Amazon done goofed by releasing images of the new phones just a few minutes before the new iPhones' official announcement.

Staff Writer

Just mere minutes before the biggest event in human history, since the last iPhone got announced anyway, launched it's iPhone 7 accessories page revealing several features before Apple could.

Among all the cases, screen protectors, and headphones we're able to glean a few key details about the next Apple gizmo. The biggest of which being the apparent omission of the headphone jack to make the phone even thinner and possibly improving audio quality standards through Bluetooth and Lightning-connected headphones.

Coming in two different versions, just like the 6 (no sign of the rumored third model). The standard 7 looks pretty unremarkable but the Plus appears to have two cameras on the back of the phone. We'll have to wait for Apple's official info to know exactly what this second sensor can do but it looks to be a serious innovation after a couple years of stagnation in the design department. 

While it kind of sucks that we have to shell out for the larger phone to experience whatever it is the dual camera setup does, it could possibly give Apple back the edge it lost in recent years to its Android competition. 

Apple will also be informing us about the official release date for iOS 10 and the new Mac OS along with possibly a new Apple Watch in just a few minutes.