Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Analyse Me Now, Watson

IBM's new intelligent software gives you professional feedback on your writing, whether its a formal letter or a poem, and can even analyse your personality and tone based on text entered...

Staff Writer

Who among us haven’t wished for a friend who would read our work before we send it out into the world? Whether it is an essay for college that we want to get a high grade on, our updated CVs or a haiku we wrote about the meaning of life. Well, consider Watson your new from-the-future-friend because you can write and whatever you write he will criticise it for you and analyse your personality based on it too. Well played, IBM.

Wait, isn’t that just like Siri? No, Siri accepts commands but can’t really tell anything else. Watson, on the other hand, gives you a professional review of your writing, and can even analyse your tone.

The personality analysis is currently in development but they have created a demo for it on their website. Check it out here - it's FREAKY!.